Another Bloody Destination Wedding

It’s been coming for awhile. First there was the excited text message, high-pitched squealy phone call and gushy FaceBook message to announce that they were engaged. Then there was the over-the-top engagement party complete with belly-dancers, DJ and expensive Moroccan finger-food. Now we have received the ‘Save-the-Date’ card.

And it’s another fucking destination wedding.

Thankfully this one isn’t in Switzerland. It’s in Dunsborough (a highly popular coastal town in WA’s south-west wine region for those inter-state and overseas readers). In December. In fact, it’s the first week of the school holidays.


End-of-year summer school holidays means every town along the WA coast is jam-packed with kids (and their parents), dogs, caravans, overseas tourists and ice-cream van owners.


So six months before the wedding, Husband and I are looking for somewhere to sleep for two nights in Dunsborough or the surrounding areas (but not too far away – midnight driving and unlit country roads makes me a bit uncomfortable). Last night we visited the websites of at least a dozen accommodation spots. All (well, those that weren’t already booked up) quoted above $350 a night. We need to stay for two nights. That’s over $700 to go to someone else’s wedding.


Oh, did I mention that the wedding is on a Friday, so Husband has to take two days of annual leave to attend?


And we have to go because, once again, it’s Husband’s family member and we’re already getting a reputation as “the mean boy and his horrible wife who don’t attend weddings.” (That might be because they’re never in Perth! Although that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone…) Dunsborough is only 3 hours away so we don’t mind driving down. We DO mind paying $700 for a hideous little room in a place that has NO facilities. (When I say “facilities” I’m not talking about a luxurious pool or health spa, I’m talking about things like bed linen and kitchen facilities!)

Crapping fucksticks.

So people – if you’re planning a wedding, and you want family/friends to attend and not be mighty pissed off with you then for the love of god DO NOT make it a destination wedding!!!


3 thoughts on “Another Bloody Destination Wedding

  1. So many people have encouraged the “just go to Fiji and get married there” but one of the many reasons I don’t want to is because I don’t want people having to spend that kind of money for my life choice so my wedding is in my hometown where DG and I currently live along with most friends and family.

    For the people who have to travel, I will not be annoyed if they can’t make it and if they do come, definitely don’t expect a gift from them, the fact that they are there is a gift! Same could be said for any guest in that respect though.

  2. Why do you have to stay 2 nights? Can’t you just stay one? I just googled Dunsborough accommodation and came up with the Dunsborough Central Motel which on Dec 20 (I’m guessing that’s the date) is $130/night.
    I find the negativity of your post a bit sad – maybe because I am planning my own wedding. Not a destination wedding, but a lot of people need to travel as we grew up in different cities. They have given you more than 6 months notice, what else could they do? I’m sure they didn’t choose the location or date to annoy you. They picked it because it was the date that suited them and the most important guests and it was the place they loved enough to get married there. I know that I have put so much thought into what would make our guests happy. I would be horrified to read something like this written about my wedding. Just think of it as a great excuse to have a weekend by the beach! So go, with a smile on your face, realising it isn’t about you, but what makes them happy. If you can’t do that, don’t go.

  3. When people get shitty that you can’t attend their location wedding it makes me stabby. Not everyone has a spare $700 to drop on accommodation – and EVERYWHERE even remotely budget friendly in Dunsborough is full in school holidays up to TWO YEARS in advance!!
    Factor in a couple days off work, which for so many people means leave without pay and then add a gift in to the mix and well it just isn’t doable.

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