I’m Back

I’m back!

SO much to tell you.

Let me say that while I was gone from my little PW world, I tried to be normal. I attempted the whole “blog under real name, link to FaceBook, be open with everyone about what I was doing, etc.”

It didn’t work.

I barely wrote anything and anything I did write was so politically correct, nice and HORRENDOUSLY DULL! I found I couldn’t be myself, I always had to think about who (ie: family) could possibly end up reading this and could they take a badly worded sentence to mean something which it didn’t and take offence?


As many of you know, I stopped blogging under this account ages ago because I was being trolled and bullied quite badly. I received many hate-filled, bordering on violent, emails and comments from someone I think was a complete stranger but could’ve possibly been someone I knew many years ago (it was always difficult to tell to be honest.) It spooked me so I shut everything down and my very own hate-site finally disappeared. Whoever they were, I hope they have gotten bored with being a dickwad and don’t come back.

Troll aside, I feel like this place is more me. More anonymous, more secretive, more exciting, more open. It’s me as I am.

We’ll talk soon. xxx